5 Steps to Cheap Car Insurance

Getting cheap car insurance isn’t always as easy as it sounds. Once you do start shopping around, you’ll notice right off that every provider differs in how they determine rates.

While one company might cater to only drivers with a solid driving history, another might cater to teenage drivers or even high risk drivers with a DUI on their record. It can get confusing in a hurry. But don’t fret; you’re just five steps away from getting the most affordable premium possible.

1. Study Your Coverage Options
Knowing what your coverage options and what you need is the first step to savings. Consider whether you need full coverage or liability only. If you’re still paying on your vehicle, then you’ll likely be required to carry collision car insurance in addition to your liability.

This covers your automobile in accidents that are deemed to be your fault, or in one-car accidents. Comprehensive coverage covers everything else you can think of, from fire to weather damage. It even covers damages due to hitting an animal on the highway.

If you live in a high crime area, comprehensive coverage covers theft. Becoming familiar with all the options will keep you from buying too little or too much car insurance.

2. Do an Online Comparison
Cheap car insurance can be within your reach by searching with online comparisons. There are thousands of websites that enable you to compare quotes from multiple top providers in your area.

And, you won’t have to spend hours or days visiting each company individually. It’s all at your fingertips so you can make an informed decision without wasting time.

3. Increase Deductible
Opt for a higher deductible to see the rate difference with each company. You might be surprised how much you can save by simply choosing a $1,000 deductible instead of a $250 deductible. A higher deductible means a little more risk for you, but less risk for the provider. So, when you agree to accept more of the risk yourself, you’ll often be rewarded with lower premiums.

4. Check Into Auto Insurance Discounts
Most carriers offer discounts of some sort to take the edge off high insurance premiums. You can get a discount if you’re a safe driver with no accidents, speeding violations, etc. on your record.

If you have a teenage driver, she can get discounts for completing driver’s education and for getting high grade marks in school.

When in the market for a car, opt for one with all the latest safety features as well as anti-theft devices. These can help you get cheaper auto insurance as well. Discounts might also be available for mature drivers, home owners, motorists that are in a certain profession, etc.

5. Keep Your Driving Record Clear
Nothing helps you obtain cheap car insurance faster than a good driving record. Drive the speed limit and be aware of your surroundings to avoid accidents. Even small, seemingly insignificant automobile accidents can equal higher car insurance rates.

Also, don’t drink and drive! A DUI will cause your rates to skyrocket…if you’re able to get coverage at all! And you’ll likely have to take a driver’s course to get your license reinstated. It’s not worth the risk.

Follow these steps to enjoy cheap car insurance rates for years to come!

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